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Can Power Skate




CanSkate Orintation

The main objective of the CanSkate Program is to provide basic skating instruction in a group format for skaters four years and up.
It is important that you become familiar with our facility.  
We ask that skaters put their skates on in the dressing rooms which are located to the left or bench area to the right side of the doors as you enter the civic center - creek side, double doors.It is also important that an adult remain in charge of your skater while at our programs.  If this is not going to be you, please let someone know. It is important that we have someone responsible for your skater in the building at all times in case of emergency.

It's our club's policy that skating will not be held on any statutory holidays.

The club offers 2 fun skate days throughout the year, one for Halloween (costumes are encouraged) and one before Christmas. Please check emails as we will send more information closer to these dates.  We conclude our season with our annual Ice Show, which is always so much fun for the skaters to prepare for and take part it... more info to come in the new year!

Skaters attending our sessions will have more fun & advance faster if they are properly equipped. This means making sure that skates fit comfortably:

Skaters should be able to wiggle their toes slightly.

Heels should not lift inside the skate more than ¼ inch.

You should be able to get the tip of an adult finger in the top of the boot when done up.

Excess laces should never be tied around top of skates, but them or double knot them to use up the length.

Skate guards should be worn when not on the ice.

Sharpening should be done periodically

Dress warmly, in comfortable clothing including gloves/mitts, snow pants are recommended for the smaller skaters.  Please, no scarves or hanging drawstrings as they can be dangerous on the ice.

Everyone in the CanSkate program MUST wear a helmet. We recommend a CSA approved helmet, that fits snugly on the head and the chin strap adjusted specific to your skater.

Skates should be fitted with only one pair of tight fitting socks or tights (the same pair that will be worn when skating).

Skates will generally be approximately one size smaller than your street shoes.

Pull the laces of the boots very loose through the instep.

Slide the foot forward to the front of the boots so that the toes touch the end but are not cramped (they should not curl under).

Have skater stand with weight evenly distributed over both feet (like a soldier).

Bend knees but do not lift heels

The space at the back of the heel should be no more than a pencil width.

Tie laces loosely over the toe and the front of the foot and snugly over the ankle and instep.

Skates should fit snugly around the ankle with some room for movement of the toes.

There should be no looseness or creases in the boot.

The tongue should be well padded and wide enough to cover the front of the ankle and stay in place.

Have the skater walk around in the skates off the ice; they should feel comfortable.

Have skates sharpened before you leave the store.

Skates should be sharpened when purchased.

As blades can be expensive to replace it is recommended that a reputable sharpener be used. Ask one of the club coaches for recommendations.

Re-sharpen skates after approximately 30 hours of skating (depending on use care and the personal preference of skater).

The bottom toe pick should NOT be removed.  This is part of the design of figure skates, it is used for performance of some skills and is essential to proper balance.

CanSkate is a nationally standardized program taught by CFSA Coaches.  CFSA coaches are trained through the National Coaches Certification Program.  Our coaches are assisted on the ice by more advanced skaters from our club called Program Assistants.  Our PAs are specially trained by our coaches to deliver the best quality CanSkate Program possible.  Our coaches and PAs work as a team to ensure that your skaters have fun and achieve success on the ice.